EVALUATE Your Options
There are few options when it comes to providing IT for your business. You can buy hardware and software and build an IT department to support it, or find a service provider to do it for you. With less than 200 employees, it's almost always more cost effective to turn to an MSP.

When evaluating MSPs, compare our service with other providers, and ask questions. Look at their included services and get the total cost of a full comparable package. Much of what we provide as standard are extras with others, and don't forget to add setup fees, minimums and extra charges.

Experience a True PARTNERSHIP
Why Choose IT Mobility?   We put customers first, have enormous experience, no contracts or setup fees, our services are SLA-backed, we include unlimited strategic consulting and support, and guarantee you the best price for IT solutions.
IT Mobility VALUE
Small businesses must make the most of technology to stay competitive. Outsourcing this function to an experienced IT solutions provider is the most cost effective and least risk way to accomplish this. With the right partner, real benefits are achieved:
MAXIMIZE Your Cost Reduction
The ITM subscription model also lends itself to considerable cost savings. Compared to full-time employees or outsourced hourly support, costs in the following areas can be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether with our solutions.

Hardware - Email, Intranet and file servers, network routers, domain and directory servers, and backup systems are eliminated, including associated costs for maintenance, upgrades, replacements and warranties.
Software - Exchange, SharePoint, Antivirus, Antispam, monitoring suites, backup applications, and Windows Server and Client Access Licensing for the listed hardware are eliminated, including annual software assurance costs.
Services - Help desk for servers and workstations, preventative network and system maintenance, compliance, security management, inventory, budgeting, provisioning, and strategic consulting services are all eliminated.