TOP TIER Partners
ITM helps organizations manage technology as a strategy to increase productivity and lower costs - not as a vendor, but as a partner. To accomplish this, we rely on selected partners of our own.

When evaluating an IT services provider, carefully examine their relationship with core technology providers. Are the right relationships in place to help ensure that your services are delivered seamlessly and that you have priority access to support if you need it? Are their hardware, software and service selections properly positioned to deliver the capability and value proposition that your business demands? Does their pricing strategy fit your budget?
PARTNER Programs
Interesting in becoming a partner?
Although there are many big names on the list, ITM's success is rooted in our ability to provide the best possible service to our customers. That often comes from smaller, more market-agile companies. Email partners if you believe you fit that profile.

Interested in more than a partnership?

ITM is growing and looking for small IT service companies to acquire and add to our regional presence. If you a local MSP between Washington, DC and Boston, MA and are looking to join a larger organization, please contact us.