Most IT service companies avoid a straight-forward and simplistic pricing model. With IT Mobility, our pricing is completely transparent - what you see is the total cost, nothing more. We have no contracts, minimums, extras, setup fees or per hour charges. Our goal is to increase your level of service and reduce your cost. We offer free, direct cost comparisons against your current support structure or outsourced service provider.  Contact a support engineer for a free, next day evaluation.  
GUARANTEED Lowest Cost Solution
ITM offers three optional components, all including unlimited support:

Unified Communications - Flat fee $20 /month

This covers all servers, licensing, hosting and support for collaboration and communication. It includes Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, instant messagning, web meeting software, online shared folders, real-time disaster recovery and backup for desktops and laptops, antivirus, antispam and synchronization to smartphones.

IT Management and Operations - Flat fee $50 /month

Applied to each employee with a computer, and covers unlimited support for any technology issue within the office - software, hardware or network connectivity. Also included are strategic consulting services from highly experienced specialists, who can help with a range of solutions to effectively target specific business objectives.

Technology Leasing Program - Starting at $25 /month

ITM offers the option to lease desktops, laptops, printers and enterprise-level routers and firewalls with no upfront cost, and updates them every two years. Current workstations include Windows 10 and Office 2016, with an LCD 22" monitor.

Free Assessment, Service and Cost Comparison
UNIQUE Support
Although the solutions we have listed are a set group of services, we are also able to develop solution packages tailored directly to your organization.

If you already have an Exchange server running and want to keep it, we can manage and support it as needed. Additionally, if you have custom built corporate applications, we can either bring them under a support agreement, or migrate them to a hosted server cloud and setup seamless remote access for each employee.

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